Over the last ten years, I have taught in five different Swiss universities (Bern, FernUni Schweiz, Lausanne, the EPFL, Zurich), in history and social sciences departments. I aim at using history to help students to address the major social, economic and political issues of our time. The table below gives an overview of the situation until 2018.

From 2020 onwards, I teach at the UNIL on the history of social classes and inequalities (Histoire Internationale Contemporaine, BA students) and on the methodology of historical research (Atelier pratique de recherche, MA students). In addition, I teach on the history of globalization at the EFPL (MA students) and on economic history at the Fernuni Schweiz (BA students).

University of Zurich

Probleme der
BA/MA Lecture ~50 students, 2015 – 18
Die schweizerische Variante des Kapitalismus? « Wirtschaftsgeschichte
der Schweiz im 20. Jahrhundert’
MA Reading seminar ~25 students, 2016
Geschichte der Kapitalismus. Neue Ansätze BA Reading seminar 30 students, 2017 & 18
Heavy Metal. Eine Sozial- und Wirtschaftsgeschichte der Metall- und
MA Research seminar ~20 students, 2016
Eine NGO für das Kapital? Die Internationale Handelskammer seit 1919 BA Research seminar ~15 students, 2017

Fernuniversität Schweiz

Modul Wirtschaftsgeschichte BA Lecture ~6 students, 2016 – 19

University of Lausanne (until 2018) for the current courses, see above

Atelier pratique de recherche: discours, archives et documents MA Methodological seminar20 students, 2017 & 18

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (College of Humanities) (until 2018)

Histoire de la mondialisation MA Research seminar
as a teaching assistant
~30 students, 2010-15
Histoire de la mondialisation BA Reading seminar
as a teaching assistant
~40 students, 2010-15
Histoire transnationale de la Suisse BA Reading seminar~6 students, 2016

University of Bern

Business Interest Associations: the Swiss Case BA Reading Seminar ~15 students, 2009

University of Sydney (Punctual intervention)

New history of Capitalism: Views form Abroad (with Aditya Balasubramanian)MA & PhD Winter school, Capitalism in Australia: New Histories for a Reimagined Future (Ben Huf and Yves Rees)~15 students, 2019

European University Institute Florence (Punctual intervention)

Where is Economic Thinking? (with Eric Helleiner)A New History of Economic Thought (Glenda Sluga and Sabine Selchow)~15 students, 2021